Yasmin is a contraceptive pill that contains as many as two active substances – drospirenone (3 mg) and ethinylestradiol (30 mcg). Conscientious and correct use of Yasmin tablets reduces the risk of pregnancy to less than 1%. In addition, this medicine relieves premenstrual symptoms, lowers menstrual pain and regulates the cycle. Yasmin in most cases does not cause weight gain.

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Yasmin pill Leaflet

Information on Yasmin pill

Very often Yasmin is the first choice of women when choosing birth control pills, because it positively affects the appearance of the skin and hair, it does not cause weight gain, which often results in taking other contraceptive pills. Yasmin provides immediate protection if the first dose is received on the first day of the period. Active Ingredients: Ethinylestradiol

How does Yasmin pill work

Yasmin tablets works in three different ways to effectively prevent pregnancy. First, they inhibit the ovulation process. They also change the consistency of the uterine mucus to more dense, which prevents the penetration of sperm deeper into the uterus. Active substances in Yasmin also affect the prevention of endometrium thickening, so even if ovulation happens and egg cell gets fertilized by the sperm, the embryo will not be able to implant.

Who is not recommended to use Yasmin pill tablets

A medicine called Yasmin should not be taken by women suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes with blood vessel damage, kidney and liver diseases, hypertension, thrombosis, undiagnosed genital bleeding, a history of breast, genital and liver cancer. It can also not be used by patients who have suffered a stroke, heart attack, and those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are allergic to any ingredient of this medicine.

How to use Yasmin pill

Yasmin tablets should be taken regularly, at the same time every day. Tablets should be taken for 21 days of the cycle, then you should take a week break. At this time there is so-called bleeding caused by stopping taking tablets, it resembles menstruation. After the week is over, you should start another pack of Yasmin tablets. For example, if the last tablet was taken on Tuesday, then another one should be taken next Wednesday.
If a woman has not ever used any hormonal contraceptives, she should take the first tablet during the first day of menstruation, as it will ensure immediate protection against unwanted pregnancy. Yasmin tablets can also be taken from 2nd to 5th day of menstruation, but the medicine will become fully effective only after seven days. At this time, it is advisable to use another method of contraception, for example condoms.
Patients that was previously taking different combination birth control pills should take a tablet of Yasmin next day after taking the last dose of previous medicine, or placebo tablet.

Yasmin pill side effects

Taking any medicine is associated with a risk of side effects. For Yasmin tablets they are usually short term and mild. The most common side effects include: nausea, headaches, migraines, breast pain, depression, mid-cycle bleeding, vaginal mycosis, dense white vaginal discharge. According to the studies, side effects occur in less than 10% of women taking Yasmin contraceptive pills.
If any distressing symptoms are long-lasting or intensive, consult a doctor. You may find that the tablets have been maladjusted to the needs of the body. In this case, the doctor should individually select another contraceptive medicine. Please read the leaflet included in the package prior use.