Ventolin is an inhaler designed to use during the asthma attack or just before the attack. It relieves symptoms of asthma attack, relaxes lung smooth muscles and opens the airways, allowing easier airflow.




Ventolin inhaler

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Ventolin over the counter uk

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What is the Ventolin inhaler

The Ventolin inhaler contains the active ingredient salbutamol. An asthma attack can be a stressful and shocking experience if someone is not prepared for it. Symptoms of an attack, such as dyspnea, wheezing and tightness in the chest will subside almost at the moment of application, which is why it is worth to choose Ventolin Aerosol (Evohaler) or Ventolin Disc (Accuhaler). This medicine can be taken with other asthma medications to relieve inflammation in the lungs and reduce the secretion of mucus that can exacerbate any asthma attack. Ventolin inhalation aerosol is also a relieving medication that can be taken before and during the attack. The inhaler is available in two doses: 100mcg (Aerosol) and 200mcg (Disc). Active Ingredients: Salbutamol

How does Ventolin work

During asthma attack, there is a sudden contraction (narrowing) of the bronchial tubes through which the air flows. This is a response to irritating external factors such as pollen or smoke. Ventolin helps to stimulate beta receptors in the body, which are responsible for muscle relaxation, especially those that occur in the lungs, which allows the unobstructed flow of air. Salbutamol also alleviates the inflammation of individual cells that are caused by asthma attacks. Evohaler (Aerosol) is an effective and fast rescue in the asthma attack, works as soon as five minutes after the application. Accuhaler (Disc) has a very similar effect to Evohaler, but not so fast, despite the fact that it contains a stronger dose of active ingredient. Ventolin Disc should not be used by people who are lactose intolerant.

Ventolin side effects

The probability of side effects while taking Ventolin is low. However, as with all medications, there is always a risk of their occurrence. They may be mild, if they occur at all. The most common side effects that may occur are throat irritation, cough, or muscle pain. In case of serious side effects while taking this medicine, you should stop using it and seek medical advice immediately.

How should Ventolin inhalers be used

The use of inhalers depends mainly on how severe the disease is, the onset of asthma attack and the type of chosen inhaler. In the symptomatic treatment of attack, it is usually recommended to take two doses of Evohaler (Aerosol) before or during the attack. In case of using Accuhaler (Disc), one dose is enough, i.e. one inhalation. This may vary if a preventive inhaler is used in parallel. If more than one asthma medicine is taken, we recommend the doctor consultation before buying Ventolin.

Precautions connected with Ventolin treatment

Most asthmatics may freely take this medication during an asthma attack to help in expanding the airways, or potentially to avoid the attack. It is recommended not to use inhalator in form of aerosol and disc (Evohaler and Accuhaler) at the same time. In case of being allergic to one of the inhalers ingredient, such as salbutamol or lactose, an alternative form of treatment should be chosen. Persons suffering from diabetes, hyperthyroidism, cardiac arrhythmias, pregnant or breast-feeding women should inform their physician about their condition. These are conditions that can affect the safety of taking this medication.

Ventolin Leaflet

ventolin leaflet